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Best practice programs to support early-phase startups from idea to revenue.

  • Programs / Workshops
    • Junction 31

      Junction 31

      Applications for Cohort 1 are now closed 

      Build a healthy foundation with CTI's international 8-week program for pre-seed startups. 

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    • Discover


      Registration for fall 2018 now open

      Understanding customer behaviour is essential to your startup success. This applied program teaches how to engage customers and discover their motivations, preferences and needs. 

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    • Validate


      Registration for winter 2018 coming soon

      This applied program will guide founders through the validation of a product and business model. By the end, you will have sufficient knowledge to decide whether the venture is viable, and if so, feel confident to begin sales and running a business. 

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Sales Tools

      321 Growth Academy: Sales Tools

      Registration TBA

      An intensive two-day course to kickstart the creation of killer sales tools that will help you level up your sales.

    • 321 Growth Academy: Sales 101

      321 Growth Academy: Sales 101

      Registration now open

      A full-day crash-course in B2B sales for business and technical founders and execs.

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Lean Sales

      321 Growth Academy: Lean Sales

      Registration now open

      This program includes eight half day sessions plus a one-on-one coaching session. 


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    • 321 Growth Academy: Marketing 101

      321 Growth Academy: Marketing 101

      Registration now open

      Marketing 101 is a full-day crash course in B2B marketing for business and technical founders. You’ll learn how to create an effective marketing capacity in your company, assess where you’re at, and develop an action plan to get you from here to there.

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    • 321 Growth Academy: Growth Marketing

      321 Growth Academy: Growth Marketing

      Registration now open

      An eight-week course for Startup Founders, Executives and Marketing Leaders to take a “learning by doing” approach to marketing impact. It’s all about assessing your market and current marketing, learning new marketing ideas and approaches and putting them into action by working on real-world marketing challenges facing your company. The outcome? A more focused and impactful return on your marketing investment and marketing that drives revenue for your business.

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    Programs / Workshops

  • Accelerator Programs
    • Kinetica Ventures

      Kinetica Ventures

      Kinetica bridges the gap between the energy industry and energy technology developers/companies. We help to validate and curate energy startups making it easier for industry adoption or acquisition.

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    • TELUS Accelerator Program

      TELUS Accelerator Program

      An eight-month program designed to accelerate your company's business model, technology and operational backbone. Its goal is to support the development of growth-stage companies with technologies that TELUS could potentially use, integrate or commercialize. 

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    • RBC Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

      RBC Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

      Applications are closed

      The RBC SEA #2 is a six-month program designed to accelerate startups whose mission is to create social impact while ensuring that profitability is core to their business model. This is a competitive program open to six startups, specifically those with a focus on health and nutrition, persons with disabilities, youth, education, new arrivals, the environment and affordable housing.

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    Accelerator Programs

  • Services
    • CEO Roundtable

      CEO Roundtable

      A monthly peer advisory forum for CEOs, board members and founders of technology companies to openly discuss their challenges in a confidential, safe environment. The goal of the roundtables are to provide "just-in-time" advice on current issues, enhance accountability and accelerate actions/decisions. 

      "This roundtable has transformed our company, period. There are not enough good things I can say about this group. Even banks recognize its significance toward the foundation for a strong company." - Jeremy Bridge

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    • Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA)

      Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA)

      The Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA) is a volunteer organization that provides objective, conflict-free guidance to entrepreneurs in southern Alberta. Each entrepreneur is matched with a team of mentors, which gives a more in-depth experience than traditional one-on-one relationships.

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    • Startup Visa

      Startup Visa

      Canada's Startup Visa (SUV) Program is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish new, high-growth businesses in Canada that will support innovation and job creation. 

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    • Funding Support

      Funding Support

      Prepare your approach to venture financing through performing a "12 Point Business Assessment".

      Having a plan to fund your business from many sources, which may include equity investors, is just as important as your business plan.

    • Intellectual Property

      Intellectual Property

      Questions about intellectual property? Want to learn more? Connect with our partners at Innovate Calgary. 

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CTI's Global 8-Week Startup Program 

Applications for Cohort 1 are now closed

Interested in Cohort 2? Please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch when applications open.


Cohort 1 Begins: October 22, 2018
Build a strong foundation for your startup. Learn what it takes to make it, and gain an unfair advantage when approaching investors, partners and customers. Gain market traction, connect with relevant industries and become investor ready with CTI. This cohort-based pre-seed program is for early stage (pre or early revenue) startups looking to gain traction quickly.   













This program is for entrepreneurs who:

             Are first time founders with an innovation driven product and/or solution prototype;

Have a founding team;

Are serious about the success of their company and moving it to the next level.


Program outcomes:

Prepare for next level accelerators

Access to fellow founders, building your resources and connections

Growth of your critical network

Find your product market fit

Attract investment




  • Meet Cohort 1

    DreamHighr is on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment industry by creating a community of like-minded and goal-driven people, reducing costs across the board, increasing employee quality, improving diversity, and improving the quality of the global job marketplace.    

    Embold uses social media analytics to run data driven marketing campaigns to create authentic interactions between consumers and brands. They strive to bring maximum value to clients and influencer partners.        

    Envisas is focused on making the benefits of complex wireless technologies available to everyone. They provide ingenious solutions to everyday challenges. Their first RFID-based product is planned to launched in 2019. 

    GoByDesign hosts the Canadian Municipal Administrative Document Library BoxOfDocs. Members get searchable access to municipal documents from municipalities across Canada, all in one place. These documents are automatically loaded to the platform from all member municipality websites. 


    HooHit is for pet lovers! It is an online community featuring all things pets – run by pet-lovers for pet-lovers. It features a blog, videos and prize opportunities. The platform also runs on an app. 


    ?HealthJobHub is a recruitment marketing platform connecting healthcare job-seekers directly to healthcare employers. Their mission is to improve patient care and improve patient access to health care services by filling healthcare jobs faster. 

    Languages in Motion helps individuals and businesses around the world effectively communicate cross-culturally through translation and interpretation. Languages in Motion is currently able to serve customers in over 65 languages with over 1,700 professional translators on its team.

    MatchWorth helps deliver better financial outcomes for Canadian investors by empowering them with tools to take control of the advisor-selection process to find a quality match. This enhances the reputation of Canada’s financial industry by making information about advisors more accessible and transparent.

    Oro is a new way to share in the experience of giving, be it a moment of pride, fulfillment or achievement. With the world’s safest and most advanced crypotechnology ORO is proven secure, offering a new way to provide quick transactions and near immediate access to funds.  

    PPE Headquarters offers FE exam and NPPE exam preparation for professionals. Use their practice exams to prepare for the real thing. 


    SCRIDGE Technology Inc. trains high-quality customized models for different industries with powerful deep learning algorithms. The speed and accuracy of automatic feature recognition model is optimized. This solution could be integrated into your existing hardware and software systems.


    Project Thermo is the affordable, easy to use, smart IoT thermostat that gets better and smarter over time. It gives you a better experience, offering you more understanding and control and better peace of mind  to help save you more money on your energy bills. 


    WPSpellCheck is the only plugin that allows users to proofread a website in one click. This allows users to find and fix all spelling errors, find hidden Lorem Ipsum, grammar check, fix areas hurting SEO on Google and discovers any broken code. 


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